Warranty Claims

Warranty Claims

protect your home with our warranty options

Housworth offers a variety of warranty protection packages covering any type of home improvement work performed. Protect your home & give yourself peace of mind.

We would like to give you one less thing to worry about. Housworth offers specific warranty plans for any type of work done to your home. When you speak to a representative from our company to discuss home improvements, a warranty program will be introduced to you at that time to suit your specific needs.

What Types of Warranties Are Offered?

One type of protection Housworth offers is a Residential Roof Warranty Protection Plan. Leaking roofs can cause extreme damage to your home and also result in a high repair cost. A leak may cause more than just stains... it damages and rots everything it touches. In addition to the Residential Roof Warranty Protection Plan, Housworth offers a vast array of warranties to cover any other type of improvement done to your home such as gutters, siding, electrical, and much more. A representative will be happy to discuss the various comprehensive warranty packages available for you to select in order to best protect your investment. If you value your home, isn't it worth protecting?

How Do I Get A Roof Warranty Protection Plan?

Now for just pennies a day you can protect your home with a residential roof warranty protection plan from Housworth, Inc. Some insurance protection may be provided under your homeowners insurance policy but it may not be enough. When you purchase a residential roof warranty protection plan you are only responsible for the deductible amount, not the full cost of repair.You will be given the option to enroll in the residential roof warranty protection plan via telephone or direct mail. You can select coverage limits up to 7 years and pay this coverage in over the period of three months. You can receive this policy when you sign up.

 Plan Type
2 Years
3 Years
5 Years
7 Years
 Plan cost for roofs under 4000 square feet
 Plan cost for roofs over 4000 square feet

Tell Me About The Coverage & Housworth, Inc.

The warranty is provided by Housworth, Inc. rated "Best Service" by our customers. Since 1929, we've helped over FIFTY THOUSAND CUSTOMERS with their needs. We've pioneered our roof warranty coverage. Let us put our services to work for you, we personally guarantee your peace of mind.

What Is Covered & What Is Not Covered By The Roof Warranty

Once your application has been processed, your ENTIRE roof system is covered against leaks. This includes ridge vents, plumbing boots, chimney(s), valleys, skylights, and sun-rooms. Items that are not covered are newly installed TV antennas, satelite dishes, solar panels, and damage caused by windstorms, hail, and fire. There are exceptions depending on your warranty plan.

What About Transferring My Coverage?

Your warranty can be transferred at any time with a minimum transfer fee of $75.00

An Extra Benefit

Once you've purchased a roof warranty plan, you are eligible for a credit. The credit can be used towards the future replacement of your roof system. We call it peace of mind with a bonus!

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