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Insulating your attic with AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation

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  • By N H.
    Suwanee, GA

    "I met Evan and James (I think that was his name, sorry if I got it wrong). Two of the nicest people and stayed focused and were..."

    Customer Review

    By N H.
    Suwanee, GA

    I met Evan and James (I think that was his name, sorry if I got it wrong). Two of the nicest people and stayed focused and were as quiet as possible. I even noted one of them tip toeing through the foyer to the front door because I was working and on a conference call and he didnt want to disrupt me working. So sweet and appreciated.

  • By David F.
    Alpharetta, GA

    Customer Review

    By David F.
    Alpharetta, GA

High utility bills and rooms that are uncomfortable are just a few signs that your attic may not be properly insulated. Having the right type and right amount of insulation in your attic is a simple, cost-effective way the comfort of your Lilburn home. Proper attic insulation can also lower your heating and cooling costs by as much as 40 percent.

Housworth Construction provides AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In PINK Fiberglas™ Insulation in Greater Atlanta. 

Our insulation specialists can inspect your attic to determine your insulation needs. If your Lilburn home does need more insulation, we will provide you with a free estimate with no obligation. Call us today at 1-855-772-9178 or send us an e-mail to request your free attic insulation inspection and estimate today in Lilburn, Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Duluth, or nearby!

Why choose AtticCat blown-in insulation?

Owens Corning has been the leading manufacturer of fiberglass products since 1938. Owens Corning is an industry leader for residential and commercial building products, including insulation and shingles, as well as producer of glass-fiber reinforcement products and engineered materials for composite systems.

AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In Insulation

Owens Corning AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In PINK Fiberglas™ Insulation works on the principle of trapped air pockets. Millions of tiny air pockets form between the tangled strands of the Fiberglas insulation. These air pockets resist the passage of heat flow through the material, reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. 

Advantages of the AttiCat system:

Quick and Easy: Most applications can be completed in less than 4 hours.

No Mess: Fiberglas™ insulation releases and expands completely inside the machine, resulting in easy cleanup and less dust.

Safe and Reliable: Application requires minimal handling and Fiberglas insulation won't settle, keeping its energy-saving R-value over time.


Free estimates for Attic Insulation services in Greater Atlanta, GA

If you're interested in having more insulation added to your attic, call us or email-us today to schedule a free consultation and get a free estimate for your attic insulation project in Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Duluth, Alpharetta, Buford, Norcross, Peachtree Corners, Roswell, Dacula, Flowery Branch, or nearby. Housworth Construction specializes in roofing, siding, window upgrades, and more.

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