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    Suwanee, GA

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    By Nancy H.
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    By Robert M.
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Laila Patrick from Housworth Construction

Title: President & CEO

Hometown: Housworth was established in 1929 by Gladis Housworth. It was known as the Housworth Plumbing Inc. After taken control Jack Patrick took Housworth to a new level by adding Housworth Roofing & Construction, in 1998 he handed it over to his Granddaughter L

Laila Patrick from Housworth Construction

Laila was born in Jacksonville Florida, she moved to Georgia in 1990. For many years Laila worked alongside her Grandfather helping him with billing and production of jobs. Laila was literally an extension of her Grandfather, she fit right in unselfishly helping her Grandfather with day to day task. After taken control of Housworth in 1998 she was able to grow the company sizably. Her leadership has promoted Housworth to a top Platinum Contractor with Owens Corning. Her professionalism and management skills has earned her high ratings on Kudzu, BBB and Angie's List. Her goal is to make Housworth Construction a Georgia Household name.

Case Studies I've worked on:

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • House Restoration / Repair in Suwanee, Georgia
    House Restoration / Repair in Suwanee, Georgia

    With permission from the homeowner in Suwanee, Georgia, we were able to completely inspect the house and found numerous pre-existing signs of developing problems that could be taken care of if acted upon quickly. This house had broken shingles on the roof, sagging gutters perforated with holes, and rotting wooden window seals. The Before photo represents a visual indicator of these issues prior to our intervention.

    From closer inspection, we were able to determine that there were several patches of shattered shingles on the roof of the house. Most of these patches resided on the backside of the house. In addition, the cause seems to be from a previously incomplete patch job. We managed to remove the incorrect construction, and were able to successfully repair the roof with our team.

    The four gutters at each corner of the house were sagging away from their respective resting positions. They were rusted in places and contained a large amount of tiny holes that would make them detrimental to their purpose. We determined that we would need to completely replace the aging gutters in order to correct the problem, as the original gutters were too warn down to repair normally.

    With our return trip, we inspected the windows on the house that had rotting window seals and replaced each of the windows with Pella Windows. One of the windows had a broken lock due to the extensive damage caused by the rotten wood, so we replaced that one as well.

    With one more return trip, we manage to give the house a fresh coat of paint, as desired by the homeowner.

    With the complete restoration of this house, we were left with an elated homeowner. The After photo represents a visual indicator of the work done on the house.


    Images © Housworth Construction

  • Exterior Painting & Wood Replacement in Alpharetta
    Exterior Painting & Wood Replacement in Alpharetta

    Housworth Construction received a call from the homeowners of this beautiful house in Alpharetta, GA who were looking to do a few upgrades to the exterior of their home. Our crew not only provided a fresh coat of paint, but also replaced some wood on the exterior of the home to make for a nice fresh look. The homeowner was thrilled with the results!

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