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Housworth Construction Case Studies: Commerical Roofing - Emergency Roof Leak/Repair

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 by Eric Goldberg


This commerical customer had a leak on a flat roof system. Also, they had water damage to the entry area to the front office and this was a real eye sore to the employees and/or clients. Our inspector determined the roof system was not properly sloped and water was ponding, not flowing towards the drain. In addition, there were many laps in the membrane seams and this was an entry point for water. Plus, the back stucco wall did not have proper flashing installed and this was previously repaired, but the repairs had failed. They had many different issues contributing to the roof leaks.


We removed this entire section of the roof and replaced all bad and/or rotten decking. Our crew built a tapered cricket in the area where the water was ponding and not flowing. This was sloped to allow all water to flow towards the drain and escape off the roof. Then our crew installed Owens Corning's Deck Seal product which is a self-adhering roofing system which will allow this customer to have a 15 year warranty and not have any additional leaks. In addition, our painters were involved in this project and they replaced the green board which sustained severe water damage and repainted the entire ceiling to look brand new.

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