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Housworth Construction Case Studies: Denied Insurance Claim

Monday, January 18th, 2016 by Eric Goldberg


This homeowner filed a hail/wind claim after the recent catastrophic storm. The customer attempted to go through the claims process without having representation and as a result, their claim was denied. The adjuster met with the homeowner and said there wasn't any hail damage despite all of their neighbors having already replaced their roof or were in the process of getting a new roof. The homeowner was extremely upset with the insurance company for the way their claim was being handled. Because the insurance company dropped the ball and failed to show up, the homeowner had spent the entire day at home and missed a full day of work waiting for the adjuster to arrive.


Our Company Manager, Eric, helped the homeowner call the insurance company to request a re-inspection of their property. At this time, Eric mentioned to the insurance company that the adjuster who initially came to this property to assess damages was incompetent and failed to properly do their job. The insurance company assured that a different adjuster would be contacting the property owner to schedule a day/time to inspect. The new adjuster assigned to the claim, failed to call the policy holder and failed to show up for the adjustment. The homeowner and Eric immediately contacted the insurance company and demanded to speak to the supervisor that was handling this claim. The supervisor apologized and said they would get this adjustment rescheduled as soon as possible. 

Once the claim was rescheduled, Eric finally met with adjuster and he provided the adjuster with a Eagleview report (satellite measurements) and a prepared insurance estimate based from Xactimate pricing (software used by the insurance companies). In addition, Eric had all damages identified and marked up before the adjuster arrived. 

As a result of our entire team's hard work and dedication, this customer's claim was overturned and APPROVED by the insurance company! 

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HAAG Certified Residential Inspector: Eric Goldberg, ID#: 201107322

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