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Housworth Construction Case Studies: Insurance claim tree damage

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 by Richard Anderson


Rebuild tree damaged house; our initial inspection revealed the following challenges:

- Fallen tree install Protective Tarps.

- Damaged framing

- Damaged roof system

- Damaged electrical wiring 

- Damaged drywall

- Damaged interior trim

- Damaged garage door hardware

- Damaged siding 

- Damaged cabinets

- Inspection revealed asbestos and lead paint 

- Damaged gutters 

- Damaged fence

- Damaged retaining wall

- Damaged Radon Vent

- Damaged insulation 

- Damaged exterior and interior


Mitigate/repair all the tree damaged section of the home.

- Remove fallen tree install Protective Tarps.

- Demo tree damaged section of the home.

- Repair damaged framing

- Install new roof system

- Repair all damaged electrical wiring 

- Replace all damaged drywall

- Replace all damaged interior trim

- Repair damaged garage door hardware

- Replace damaged siding 

- Repair cabinets

- Remove all asbestos drywall, located after asbestos and lead paint inspection 

- Replace all damaged gutters 

- Repair damaged fence

- Repair damaged retaining wall

- Repair damaged Radon Vent

- Install insulation 

- Paint exterior and interior

Project Summary

Public Adjuster: Cliff Mettier

Ironstone Environmental: Mario Williams


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