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Before and After Pictures from Fulton County
Interior Painting In Duluth, Georgia

Interior Painting In Duluth, Georgia

Before After
Interior Painting In Duluth, Georgia Interior Painting In Duluth, Georgia

Our customer wanted to refresh the living room from the color Cardboard to Summit Gray (SW7669) by Sherwin Williams. The transformation was amazing & made it look like a million bucks.

Interior Painting In Duluth, Georgia

Interior Painting In Duluth, Georgia

Before After
Interior Painting In Duluth, Georgia Interior Painting In Duluth, Georgia

The bookcase was repainted from a shimmer green to a shimmer light gray/ pearl. Our customers goal was to lighten the bookshelves & to give them a facelift. It took lots of primer & multiple coats to achieve the goal. 

Interior Painting In Duluth, Georgia

Interior Painting In Duluth, Georgia

Before After
Interior Painting In Duluth, Georgia Interior Painting In Duluth, Georgia

A Duluth, GA customer decided to contact Housworth Construction to have her cabinets painted instead of replacing them. Her plan was to give the kitchen a facelift & enjoy it for a few years before putting her house on the market. This facelift speaks for itself. The top color of the cabinets is Tricorn Black (SW6258) & the bottom cabinets are painted Gauntlet Gray (SW7019) by Sherwin Williams. 

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Owens Corning Opportunity Knocks Training Seminar
Eric attended this multi day training seminar with keynote speaker, Rodney Webb. Rodney is a renowned author, publisher, international keynote... [Read more]
Owens Corning Opportunity Knocks Training Seminar
Darren attended this multi-day training seminar with keynote speaker, Rodney Webb. Rodney is a renowned author, publisher, international keynote speaker... [Read more]
Owens Corning Opportunity Knocks Training Seminar
Luis attended this multi-day training seminar with keynote speaker, Rodney Webb. Rodney is a renowned author, publisher, international keynote speaker... [Read more]
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Trusted Roofing & Siding Contractors in Fulton County, GA

Roof Repair & Replacement in Fulton County, GA

If your roof has suffered any kind of damage or is in need of an update after normal wear, Housworth Construction has the roofing solutions you need to secure your home. We can help you decide if it’s the right time for a roof repair or roof replacement. All of our roofing materials are made by top manufacturers like Owens Corning to ensure our customers get the very best products.

To learn more about roof repair cost in Fulton County don't hesitate to contact us today!

Siding Replacement to Transform Your Fulton County Home

If you're thinking about updating your home's roofing system, consider transforming the whole exterior by upgrading your siding! Housworth Construction offers high-quality siding products for this exact reason. Our siding comes in a variety of options, and it’s durable and easy to maintain – once it’s installed, you’ll barely have to think about it again!

Don't Neglect Your Gutters & Downspouts Any Longer

Gutters and downspouts are extremely important for your house for several reasons. By working with your roofing system, gutters direct runoff away from your foundation walls. Gutters truly are the first defense against basement and crawl space flooding issues. Along with that main function, gutters can also improve the quality of your lawn by properly distributing water into the topsoil and also can help to protect your siding from excess water exposure.

Window & Door Replacement Contractor

Window and door replacement is not just a way to improve the appearance of your home, but also one of the most cost-effective home remodeling projects. Old windows and doors are often drafty which lets in cold air during the winter and hot air during the summer. This means that your HVAC system needs to work overtime in order to compensate for the air that gets lost. This makes your home less energy-efficient and drives up your energy bills.

At Housworth Construction we can help by installing beautiful new windows and doors in a variety of styles and materials including:

  • Fiberglass windows
  • Vinyl windows
  • Wood windows
  • Patio doors
  • Storm doors

As an experienced roofing and remodeling company, Housworth Construction has all the tools at our disposal to make your home the envy of your neighborhood. We offer roofing, siding, painting, and gutters to increase your home’s value and appeal. Call us today at 1-855-772-9178 for a free quote in Fulton County!

Job Stories From Fulton County, GA
Stucco Chimney do's and dont's in John's Creek, GA

Chimney, Stucco & Satellite's Oh My!


The roof system is one of the worst places you can install a satellite dish in your home, but the number # worst location is a stucco chimney. It doesn't matter if it's hard to coat stucco or synthetic stucco. Most of the time the dish installer is chipping the stucco or not sealing the screws or bolts correctly or with the correct product. This allows gaps & cracks around the bracket where the dish is installed & allows water to seep in. When this occurs sometimes it can take months or even years to know you have a problem. In that time you will have wood rot all around your chimney that you can't see which can cost thousands of dollars. When you are looking at installing a satellite dish on your property, always consider the ground as the first option to save a big headache & lots of unnecessary money.

Stucco Chimney do's and dont's in John's Creek, GA - Photo 1
Small Siding Rot Can Cause Big Damage In Alpharetta, Ga.

Homeowners often wait when they see siding damage when it's small. We get so busy with everyday life & work that we typically shrug it off. Typically we have more pressing things to do & think about. Unfortunately, the longer we allow the small problem to happen the bigger it will get. Here is a picture of a home that had one piece of rotted siding on its chimney. As you can see one piece of siding caused a lot of damage to the plywood behind the siding. This homeowner was in shock at the damage & also of the mold that was growing. As we removed more pieces of siding more damage was uncovered. A few things could have prevented this expense such as caulking & painting the house, getting the exterior inspected, or simply addressing the siding damage when it was first seen. The upkeep of your home can be costly, but if you get yearly inspections, a lot of additional expenses can be avoided. 

Small Siding Rot Can Cause Big Damage In Alpharetta, Ga. - Photo 1
Full Bathroom Remodeling in Alpharetta, GA

A homeowner, Lindsay, sought a custom bathroom remodel and embarked on a quest to find a trustworthy company. After conducting online research, she discovered Housworth Construction, drawn by the positive reviews across various platforms. Encouraged by what she read, Lindsay reached out to schedule a Free Estimate.

Our project manager visited Lindsay for a one-on-one consultation, during which they collaboratively crafted a plan and blueprint for her envisioned bathroom. Over time, Lindsay gained insight into the process and grew confident in our ability to turn her dreams into reality.

Following the consultation, Lindsay felt prepared to entrust Housworth Construction with the task of bringing her new bathroom to life, starting from scratch. A bathroom remodel entails several intricate steps, underscoring the importance of selecting a contractor with the expertise and reputation that aligns with your comfort level.

Full Bathroom Remodeling in Alpharetta, GA - Photo 1
Remodeling Stone Chimney in Duluth, GA

Teresa was in the mood for an interior upgrade for her living room. The old chimney and bookcase were severely outdated and needed a facial lifting. So, this homeowner made the smart choice and called Housworth Construction. 


From the start, we sent our production team out to assess the living room and to review specifically what the customer's vision is. It is important to listen and have a full understanding of what the homeowner is looking for. Housworth Construction prides itself on its ability to articulate and offer the best options based on the customer's appeal. 


The homeowners decided on a cultured stone in an elegant chardonnay tone. The photos show how this compliments the living area. The cathedral ceilings help accentuate the new chimney that we remodeled. All in all, the homeowner was ecstatic with the results and will recommend us to their friends and family!

Remodeling Stone Chimney in Duluth, GA - Photo 1Remodeling Stone Chimney in Duluth, GA - Photo 2
New Jelden Windows Installed in Duluth, GA

A homeowner in Duluth, GA, who wanted to give their property a fresh new look. They reached out to Housworth Construction for a makeover, hoping to breathe life back into their home with new windows and siding.

Jim, the homeowner, was initially unsure whom to trust with such an important project. However, once the Housworth Construction team arrived, they guided him through the remodeling process step by step, earning his trust along the way. And they certainly didn't disappoint!

The first order of business was to remove the old shingles from the house. By taking this careful approach, they ensured they could assess the house frame thoroughly while removing the windows. This allowed them to better understand the condition of the property and the strength of its framework. Thankfully, the structures were in good shape, which meant they could proceed with installing the windows and putting up the Tyvek underlayment.

The team tackled the window installation with skill and precision, preparing to begin the siding installation the next day. With their expertise, it was clear that Housworth Construction was among the best remodeling companies in Duluth and the surrounding areas. Another successful project for Housworth Construction!

New Jelden Windows Installed in Duluth, GA - Photo 1New Jelden Windows Installed in Duluth, GA - Photo 2
Decking Addition in Duluth, GA

In the charming neighborhood of Duluth, GA, a lovely home wanted to extend its living area to enjoy the outdoors more. After weighing options, adding a deck seemed like the perfect solution. Not only would it boost the home's appearance, but it could also increase its overall value.

The homeowners contacted Housworth Construction for help. They wanted a professional opinion and a clear estimate without any stress. During the discussion, different deck styles were considered, with a focus on making sure the new addition blended seamlessly with the home's existing burnt clay brick exterior.

After thoughtful deliberation, the homeowners agreed with Housworth Construction's suggestion. They trusted them to create a beautiful deck that would complement their home perfectly. From planning to building, the team paid close attention to every detail, ensuring the deck looked like it belonged from the start.

When the deck was finished, Salil, the homeowner, couldn't have been happier. It not only expanded their living space but also added a touch of elegance to their home. The team at Housworth Construction made the process smooth and enjoyable, turning their vision into reality.

Now, in their inviting outdoor space, the homeowners can relax and unwind, knowing they made the right choice in choosing Housworth Construction for their deck project.

Decking Addition in Duluth, GA - Photo 1Decking Addition in Duluth, GA - Photo 2Decking Addition in Duluth, GA - Photo 3Decking Addition in Duluth, GA - Photo 4Decking Addition in Duluth, GA - Photo 5
Staircase Renovation in Duluth, GA

The door and staircase underwent a remarkable transformation, seamlessly extending the allure of the newly constructed back deck, which boasts unique archways tailored specifically for this residence. The door, elegantly tinted in a soft pink hue, gracefully complements the existing brick exterior, enhancing its visual appeal. The homeowner, keen on rejuvenating the back entrance, opted for a contemporary, captivating red wood design, adding a touch of modernity to the home's facade.

Subsequently, our focus shifted to the creation of a new staircase, necessitating construction from the ground up. Tasked with the challenge of closely matching the weathered brick, our design team meticulously attended to every detail. Despite the years of wear and tear, our team skillfully achieved a seamless integration, ensuring a harmonious blend with the existing architecture.

With over a century of dedicated service to homeowners across greater Atlanta, Housworth Construction remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering excellence for many years to come.

Staircase Renovation in Duluth, GA - Photo 1Staircase Renovation in Duluth, GA - Photo 2Staircase Renovation in Duluth, GA - Photo 3
New Siding and Gutter Replacement in Duluth, GA

Tonya, a homeowner in Duluth, was looking for a new look for her siding and worn-down gutters. She was getting tired of the old siding and the gutters were not performing like they used to due to the size of the gutter. 5" Gutters don't perform as well and do not allow for the best runoff versus a 6" size gutter. Additionally, after a closer look, we found evidence of soffit and fascia that needed repair and in some areas, a full replacement. 


After Tonya decided on her new style of gutter system, we turned our attention to the siding. The old, pink stucco was fading out and in some sections, cracking, leaving the home susceptible to moisture and debris to penetrate the first line of defense and cause additional problems to the home's insulation. The homeowner ended up choosing a new Vinyal siding in a standard grey. This type of siding is sought after for its flexibility and affordability. 


Once we completed the full siding and gutter replacement, this home looked as good as new and was the envy of the neighborhood!


New Siding and Gutter Replacement in Duluth, GA - Photo 1
Trim Interior Remodel in Duluth, GA

This request is for a new trim that faces the flex room just off the living room area. The homeowner wanted a specific design to compliment the rest of the home and to bring out the aesthetics of the living room.


Our design team sat with Elizabeth, went through dozens of different styles and options, and ultimately, decided on a custom molding trim style that made this room look amazing! The attention to detail and the work of our team at Housworth Construction put into this job, made for a beautiful addition to our portfolio. 


In addition to the new molding, we did a paint refresh to update the interior color and to make the room look as good as new. The remodeling efforts didn't go unnoticed by the homeowner and Elizabeth will be recommending the professionals at Housworth.  



Trim Interior Remodel in Duluth, GA - Photo 1Trim Interior Remodel in Duluth, GA - Photo 2
Complete Kitchen Remodeling in Duluth, GA


In a bid to modernize, our client opted to revamp their outdated 1970s kitchen. Housworth Construction stepped in, replacing worn flooring with bamboo, and installing oak-style cabinets, Sea-pearl granite countertops, and top-of-the-line Viking appliances. To complement the remodel, the walls were painted pearl white, adding a touch of class. With attention to detail, we ensured every aspect met the homeowner's standards, leaving a lasting impression of excellence. The custom shelf above the stove adds a touch of class to the new kitchen.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling in Duluth, GA - Photo 1
Concrete re-pour in Duluth, GA

Housworth Construction's seasoned professionals embarked on a fresh concrete pouring project in Duluth, GA, where meticulous preparation is paramount. Before commencing the concrete pour, the site undergoes thorough grading and leveling. The team recognizes the significant influence of weather and humidity on the curing phase of the freshly laid cement.

Numerous other variables also wield considerable influence throughout the concrete process. These include concrete mixing, delivery, precise placement, pouring techniques, and meticulous finishing. Any lapse in executing these steps with precision can jeopardize the structural integrity and longevity of the final construction.

Concrete re-pour in Duluth, GA - Photo 1Concrete re-pour in Duluth, GA - Photo 2Concrete re-pour in Duluth, GA - Photo 3
Shingle Roof Replacement in Alpharetta, GA

The homeowner contacted Housworth Construction for a complimentary estimate and a thorough inspection of their roof. Following signs of interior water damage, Scott was made aware that repairs were necessary for the roof. Our dedicated sales team conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the roof, offering a detailed assessment of its current condition.

Given the extent of the damages, the repair was deemed impractical, leading us to recommend a complete roof replacement. We proposed the utilization of Owens Corning Duration shingles, renowned for their exceptional durability. The homeowner opted for the Estate Grey variant, imparting a refined aesthetic to their charming southern residence. Scott expressed his delight with the outcome, reinforcing his confidence in endorsing Housworth Construction.

Shingle Roof Replacement in Alpharetta, GA - Photo 1Shingle Roof Replacement in Alpharetta, GA - Photo 2
Flooring and pillar remodel in Duluth, GA

A homeowner in Duluth, Georgia, embarked on a comprehensive interior renovation, encompassing the installation of new hardwood flooring and the creation of custom-built stone columns. Even just by glancing at the provided photos, it's undeniable how remarkable this transformation is.

Previously, the rooms were segregated by a partial wall. In the course of our complimentary consultation, various alternatives were explored to foster a more expansive living space. Ultimately, Bob concurred that demolishing the divider would be the optimal approach to open up the living room.

This design decision has left the homeowner thoroughly satisfied with their choice of Housworth Construction.

Flooring and pillar remodel in Duluth, GA - Photo 1Flooring and pillar remodel in Duluth, GA - Photo 2
Full House Painting in Duluth, GA

Houseworth Construction recently completed a full house painting job in Duluth, GA. We used Sherwin-Williams in Emerald with Spar Marine grade varnish that extended to the garage doors. 


The contrast of the rich color complimented the stone finish and made the property visually more appealing. The homeowner would be in the market for additional upgrades to the home and won't hesitate to call the trusted professionals at Housworth after the work we did—truly an amazing job. 

Full House Painting in Duluth, GA - Photo 1
Repair broken startcase in Duluth, GA

Robert from Duluth, GA, reached out to Housworth Construction to repair several broken sections of the front staircase of his home for quite some time now. The staircase had started losing ceramic tiles under the first step near the front door walkway, creating a potential hazard for anyone using it.


Our team efficiently resolved the issue, completing the repair in just a few hours. This swift and effective service left the homeowner satisfied and more likely to call Housworth Construction for future home remodeling projects.

Repair broken startcase in Duluth, GA - Photo 1Repair broken startcase in Duluth, GA - Photo 2
New Laundry Room in Atlanta, GA

Jason, a resident of Atlanta, approached Housworth Construction to enhance the convenience of his existing bathroom. The washer and dryer in his home were not ideally located. We proposed renovating the second bathroom and adding an adjacent room connected to the main floor bathroom.

Our designer provided a blueprint detailing the optimal location and layout of the new room. Jason approved the plan, and we commenced the project.

The new laundry room features a shaker-style cabinet, butcher block countertop, and tile backsplash. We also repainted the ceiling and walls and replaced the existing sink.

Overall, this project exemplifies the craftsmanship and quality of our work.

New Laundry Room in Atlanta, GA - Photo 1
New concrete sidewalk pour in Duluth, GA

Housworth Construction recently took on the task of removing and replacing an old sidewalk in the backyard of a home in Duluth, GA. The old sidewalk was all kinds of cracked and uneven, so it was high time for a fresh, level upgrade.

We kicked things off by tearing out the old cement and getting the ground ready. Clearing out all the old rubble and roots is key to making sure the new sidewalk is nice and even.

Here are a few tips: When our crew is pouring new concrete, we always make sure to use the right PSI, which should be somewhere between 3500-4500. Getting the mix just right is vital to make sure the concrete cures properly. Most of the time, a mix of 3/4 sand, stone, and cement does the trick, with about 6-7% air in the mix.

In the end, Ann was thrilled with the results and plans to share her happiness in a Google review to let everyone know about her experience with Housworth Construction.

New concrete sidewalk pour in Duluth, GA - Photo 1New concrete sidewalk pour in Duluth, GA - Photo 2New concrete sidewalk pour in Duluth, GA - Photo 3
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