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Roof Repair Case Studies: Roof Leak Repair in Suwanee, GA

Monday, August 8th, 2016 by Darrus Myles, Jr.


This homeowner had a roof leak that was causing waterlogging damage inside of the house. Upon close inspection of the roof there were several problems caused by natural damage or previously in-complete patch jobs. The chimney, while looking sufficent at a distance, had water damage done in several places, espscially at its base. The lack of ability redirect water flow is one the causes of the chimney damage and roof leaks. Water was able to freely flow into critical locations on the roof, causing leaks and wood rot. Finally, a trouble area near the intersection of two valleys and the chimney's base had critical damage from water flow. This area seemed to have been improperly repaired previously, which also played a part in the problem. The siting was also chewed away, leaving the wood entirely vulurnable to outside sources, such as water.

A majority of the problems on the roof were primarily centered around this chimney.


In order to repair the leaks, we had to install a proper cricket and diverter to re-direct water flow and split the water flow so that it would not flow into easily damaged locations on the roof. Shingles improperly installed behind the chimney were removed and replaced with a Modified Bitumen that would properly protect the chimney over normal shingles. The replacement of shingles in the critcal area was fully repaired with the insertion of a Modifed Bitumen, in their place. The rotting wood, found at various points where water was improperly flowing before our dedicated crew's repairs, was also replaced. Finally, we installed a new flashing and several new shingles in order to ensure the roof was properly repaired for the deserving homeowner.



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